Monday, April 22, 2019

Moving House

Hi everyone,

It has been forever since I updated this story, I know. I'm sorry about that, Between this, that, and the other, time hasn't been my friend. I won't bore you with it or go into details, so I'll just say that RL can give you a major beating sometimes.

I'm just putting up this quick post to let you know that this story is moving to a new blog and location. I've decided to graduate and move to wordpress *gulp.* As much as I like the colors and layout of this theme, I want more customization and control over what goes on my site(s). Thus, I am moving to a self-hosted Wordpress site, which means I'm pretty much building it from scratch.

What this means is that no more posts will be posted here on Blogger. All posts and pages have been reverted to Draft status and will be removed permanentlyas posts are migrated over. I will leave this post here to redirect you to the new site.

With the new move comes a new name. "As Tears Go By" will now have the title of "Serenade; A Musical Legacy." The concept will remain the same - each generation having a specific theme song - but I thought a new title would be fitting.

Click here to access the new Wordpress blog where this story will reside. I will also be moving my story, "Another World" (this one may also get a title change - I haven't decided) to this new blog, too. the new blog will contain a collection of Sims Legacy Stories for your enjoyment.

To follow the new blog, click the link I mentioned. You will, then, have to type in your email address into the subscribe box. If you use Wordpress, updates will go right ito your Reader. Otherwise, you will get email notifications of updates

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. Otherwise, I have a contact form on the new website that you can fill in.

Thank you for your understanding, and I hope you all will follow Debbie, her story, and her future descendants over to their new home.

Happy Simming!
Sharon, aka Sweetnightingale