The BackStory

The Backstory

Debbie Evans is a very classy, well-dressed lady who feels it's important to always look neat and professional. She was once married to someone of high stature, and both had high-powered careers. Her husband (let's call him Shane so we can have a name to go along with the story), at first, respected her ambition and choice to have a career, and the couple had talked about having a family. Shane wanted it earlier and more than Debbie did, as she was a career woman through and through. As time went on, Shane kept pressuring Debbie about having kids. He wanted a large family and deep down, had more traditional viewpoints. Over the years, he tried to change her and mold her into his ways of thinking. One night after a big party, they got into a very heated verbal row. After having too much to drink, their issues came to a head and there was no turning back.

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