About the Story

I am not following the rules for a traditional legacy. For example, my founder starts out in a house, albeit a small, inexpensive one, but most legacies following the traditional rules starts with a founder living on an empty lot.

I decided I'd try something a little unique. I wanted to combine my love of Sims, writing stories, and music into one story, so I'm calling this a Musical Legacy. The heirs may or may not have musical talent, but each generation will have a specific song that will be featured in some way throughout their story. For example, Debbie's (my founder) favorite song is "As Tears Go By" by the Rolling Stones. As you read through her generation, you will see that she sometimes plays it on her guitar and sings it either to herself or to her son. Because Debbie is the founder and the story was named for her favorite song, "As Tears Go By" will probably be seen in future generations even though each generation will have its own song featured.

Each generation will be a story in itself and the goal is to have ten generations fulfill their lifetime wish and get to the top of their career. Some will marry and have happy lives while others may not follow that route. I want to make each generation's story different. There are often real life issues that they will have to overcome, but as things progress, elements of fantasy and such will most likely be incorporated.

My stories often contain strong language, sensitive issues, and sometimes other content that could be construed as offensive. Each chapter will contain this warning at the very beginning.

The game used for this story is The Sims 3. I have all Expansion and Stuff Packs plus probably about 99.9% of the store content.  I use a few Mods, mostly the ones from NRAAS as well as some Custom Content and lots of poses. As time goes on, I'll be developing a Downloads page for secondary characters and a credits page. 

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