Thursday, December 22, 2016

Chapter 11, Babysitters R Us

***WARNING!!! My stories often contain strong language, sensitive issues, and, at times, other content that could be construed as offensive. Beliefs and viewpoints of characters are not necessarily the beliefs and viewpoints the Author holds in true life.***

I reveled in my new lightness of spirit. Simply being around Terrill and unburdening myself to him did wonders for my outlook. I was now seeing him as a beacon of hope and strength rather than a wrinkle to further complicate my life.

Life can turn on a dime. Mine certainly had several times, the latest being my attraction to Terrill. I hadn't expected to feel that way toward him or about anyone. After everything I'd been through, a romantic relationship was the last thing I'd wanted. Chemistry had other plans, apparently. Even so, I wasn't going to rush headlong into bed with Terrill. I wanted us to take our time and see where things would go. Not only did I have myself to consider, I had my son to think about, too. I didn't want someone entering his life only to leave if the relationship didn't work out.

I went into fangirl mode when I got a text from Lenora. Terrill had given her my number, so she wanted to confirm that it would be okay to drop over with her daughters in the afternoon. With shaking fingers and stars in my eyes, I returned her text and told her I was looking forward to the visit. Well, I was and I wasn't. I was dying to meet Lenora, certainly, but I was a little nervous. She was an elegant, wealthy lady, something I'd been in my former fast-paced life, and I was feeling a bit intimidated. I suppose my encounter with Ericka and her condescending ways left me feeling a bit wounded.

I needn't have worried, though. Lenora was everything she appeared to be from her season on "The One" and in interviews I'd seen with her. She was kindness and compassion personified. Her daughters, Aurora and Andrea, were beautiful, confident young women, and I could tell right away how close the two sisters were.

"It's so nice of you to have us over, Ms. Evans. Aurora and I weren't sure what we were going to do with our day until Terrill called and told us about a possible babysitting job," Andrea said.

"It's Debbie, and I'm glad you could come. I hope you understand why I prefer to meet you first before handing over care of my son. In this day and age, you have to be careful," I replied.

"We completely understand," Andrea said, then shared a long meaningful look with her mother and sister. It didn't take a mind reader to know what they were thinking. The ordeal Lenora had gone through at the hands of Shane and his accomplices was on their minds. Psychotics and sociopaths could touch anyone's life, regardless of age or lifestyle.

"I can see that you do." I looked over at Lenora, who took my hand and squeezed it. "I...I'm sorry for what he did to you."

Lenora pulled me into a tight hug and I knew I'd found a kindred spirit. "He hurt a lot of people, and I'm sorry ye, too, suffered at his hands." Her Irish brogue was thick and I could see she was battling her own emotions. "It's behind us now and he's behind bars where he belongs."

"Right. He doesn't even have the equipment to ever try anything like that again, either," Andrea said, smirking.

"Andrea, I don't think Debbie cares to hear the...ah...finer details," Lenora scolded her daughter gently.

I pulled out of the hug, feeling a smile tug at the corners of my mouth. Apparently, there were some details that had been left out of the news. All I'd read in the papers and seen on the TV newscasts was that Shane had been grievously injured during Lenora's rescue. I looked over at Andrea, unable to keep the grin off my face. "Oh yes, Debbie does want to hear the finer details," I said. "I knew Shane was injured, but no further details were given, and I never dug deeper to find out."

"Aww, Ma, we can't keep this from her," Aurora said, bouncing on the balls of her feet. "I'm dying to show her, especially the part we saw in the vision."

"Spill," I said, still grinning like a lunatic.

What happened next was something I'd never fully be able to understand. Aurora wiggled her fingers and my TV was momentarily surrounded by some strange green light. Until I moved to Aurora Skies, I never believed in magic. I mean, that was reserved for stories like Harry Potter. However, after studying Lenora's biography due to being such an avid fan and learning about Lenora's husband being a werewolf, I couldn't ignore the existence of magic. Aurora waved her fingers again and a movie of sorts began playing on the TV screen.

It was a good thing Nathaniel was in his crib asleep. I figured what I was about to see would not be suitable for children. On the screen was a room in what I imagined to be part of a dark, dank house. In the room was what looked to be a cell. Bile rose to my throat at the thought of that cell probably being the place they'd kept Lenora inprisoned. An enraged Tyrone Landgraab was about to pounce on the man I'd been married to but had not really known. There came a horrendous grow that made me shudder, blood splattered everywhere, hideous screams tore the air, and Shane lay on the floor in a growing pool of blood. It was inevitably clear that Tyrone had given Shane a sex change in a most agonizing way.

The picture flickered and I knew I was looking inside a prison. I goggled as the biggest, ugliest red-headed man I'd ever seen leered at Shane, who was yelling and screaming in what might have looked like fury. However, his pasty pallor and the beads of sweat forming on his brow gave away the unmistakable fact that he was scared shitless.

"Okay, here it comes! You're gonna love this," Andrea said, rubbing her hands together.

The big man introduced himself as Big Louie Maneater and heartily informed Shane that he was about to become Big Louie's bitch. I clapped a hand over my mouth and screamed with laughter when Shane was unceremoniously hauled in for a passionate kiss. The picture started to fade as Shane was yanked out of sight, but I didn't need to see to understand what Big Louie's intentions were. Besides, there are just some things that are better left to the imagination.

"Oh...oh, my stomach!" I choked out as I continued to howl.

The sisters were rolling around on the floor, completely overtaken by glee. Lenora's cheeks were wet with tears of mirth. I guessed my living room sounded like a hen house with all that cackling going on.

I managed to pull myself together as Aurora and Andrea dragged themselves to their feet. "I can't tell you how that made my day. I know this sounds spiteful, but that did my heart a world of good."

"We figured as much," Andrea grinned. "Sucks to be him."

When Nathaniel awoke, I brought him in to meet the Landgraab women. I could see that the young ladies had lots of experience taking care of children, and they were great with him. Nathaniel took to them almost right away and was having the time of his life getting lots of attention lavished on him.

"Well, I can see that Terrill was right on the nose with his recommendation. You've got yourselves a babysitting job, maybe more if you're interested," I said. "I can see that my son will be in good hands."

"Don't worry. We'll take very good car of the little guy. He's adorable," Aurora said, then gave Nathaniel a big, noisy kiss on the cheek.

"Well then, I'll leave the car here for ye girls and pop on out of here," Lenora said. "Debbie, ye must come over for tea this week."

"That sounds lovely," I said. It was so surreal. Who'd have thought I'd be invited for tea with my all-time favorite author and that her daughters were going to look after my son? Life could certainly be full of surprises.

With that, Lenora literally popped out, just like freaking Samantha Stevens on "Bewitched." I blinked dazedly at such a display of magic, smiled weakly at the Landgraab sisters, and waited for Terrill to pick me up for our dinner date.

Author's Note: I realize this chapter is mostly "fluff" and that not too much happened in the story. However, I thought this would be a fun way to cross over with characters from "Forever in Time," another of my stories. As explained before, crossovers will happen from time to time.

The events Debbie was referring to about Lenora's ordeal can be found in "Forever in Time."

The pictures with Shane are also from "Forever in Time," which you can find the link for that story in the sidebar in the "Other Works By Me" section. Thank you to Shafer249 for creating Big Louie for the purpose of tormenting Shane. :D 


  1. I've been waiting forever to read the next chapter for this. Lol well written as always and even though it didnt go that far it was a pleasant. Debbie finally has life looking up for her after all she's been through, she really needed someone with real 'power' to cheer her up. xD

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) Yeah, it didn't go all that far as to story events but it was a nice piece to insert. Debbie needs some friends and a change in life, and it's great to see that things are improving for her. :)

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    1. Thanks. :) I'm a sucker for crossovers so this was fun to write. The big date will be next. :)

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